ObamaCare Website Has Security Flaws: Thanks Tom Udall

 Posted:  September 18, 2014

In the linked article below we have a report by the non-partisan Government Accounting office that says Healthcare.gov has significant security flaws (20) that put users’ personal information at risk.

Healthcare.gov is the Website serving 5 million Americans that acts as the gateway to SUBSIDIZED PRIVATE INSURANCE for people who don’t have coverage through their jobs. The Affordable Care Act was never really about quality medical care. It was always about giving more people care at higher costs, all paid for by those who are working for those who aren’t.

The security flaws are to be found in all steps of the online process of enrolling, accessing care, and getting information about the care.

There is nothing new here for those who have been awake. However, in the interest of public safety, we remind our viewers to be careful.

For Tom Udall, who voted for this stuff, he needs to explain his vote.

When your info is hacked or used against you, blame Tom Udall and the Democrats who pushed this bill through and wish we still had more filibuster options to stop a narrow majority from inflicting more damage on an almost majority minority. Tom Udall helped take that away too. Aren’t you so glad you have him to represent you?

Full article here >>>.

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