Oil Will be Around Longer Than You Will

 Posted:  October 1, 2014

The article linked below discusses the Russian discovery of a new oil field that rivals the Gulf of Mexico in its potential.

Oil is not going to go anywhere soon and we guess there will be plenty of buyers for all new oil found outside the U.S. Fossil fuels keep us warm, keep money in our pockets, and fill government treasuries with money to operate.

The only people not liking these trends are Tom Udall and his environmental groups.

It is good that the Russians found the oil. If the discovery had been found in New Mexico it would never get out of the ground. It would have been covered over with windmills and solar panels, and we would be proud as being the only country in the world who would rather freeze to death than have a nice heater in our house.

Tom Udall would give a fancy speech on global warming and then hurry back to his limo, that was left running on fossil fuels so he wouldn’t get his tootsies cold.

Full article here >>>.

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