One Udall is Too Much But Two is Double Trouble

 Posted:  July 25, 2014

There are voters who still don’t realize that Tom Udall is one of many Udall’s in government. He has a cousin, Mark Udall, who is a Senator from Colorado. He has another relative, Mike Lee, who is also a Senator. A second cousin Gordon Smith was a Senator and is currently President and C.E.O. of National Broadcasting Company (NBC).

Tom Udall’s father was in national politics.

As Gordon Smith says in the linked article, “The Udall’s have a tremendous impact on shaping public policies on environment, civil rights, economics, you name it …”

The article continues to mention that New Mexico has suffered more in the last few years economically than many other states.

The question voters might consider is whether the elites need to be sent back to Washington D.C. in the first place. It seems that the elites, of which Tom Udall is a member in good standing, have the money, the connections, the desire to run for office and make decisions that affect the country.

At, we feel that Tom Udall does a horrendous job at representing the citizens of New Mexico and has cast, over the years, questionable votes that have negatively affected the U.S. and New Mexico.

If you want an elite to represent you, Tom Udall might be your guy. If you would like to see change, new blood, new ideas come to Washington D.C. you had best forget Tom Udall is on the ballot.

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