Our Borders Are Wide Open and Tom Udall is Happy

 Posted:  July 6, 2014

Welcome everyone! Only Trouble is ISIS and Mexican Drug Lords have connections. How Long before jihadists set up shop in your neighborhood?

As the Mid East continues to spiral out of control and jihadist groups capture Iraq, oil fields to fuel their revolution, and establish a new Caliphate, borders are open in the U.S.

We are seeing 1500 illegal aliens crossing the Mexico/U.S. border every day. The Obama administration and Tom Udall have done nothing to protect New Mexico citizens. Illegals have already been sent to government military bases in Artesia as well as other installations across the West. Whether they stay or go is unknown. Meanwhile, over the weekend, a group of fifteen legal immigrants went through a legalization ceremony in Silver City that made them legal U.S. citizens.

As this linked article below from WND explains, there have been instances before now where Islamic persons have been apprehended crossing the U.S. Mexico border, and documentations of money exchanging hands between terrorist groups and the infamous Mexican M-13 Gang.

All of this bodes ill for the U.S. and for New Mexico.

Recent reports about disease coming across the border with the unaccompanied children and some of their late arriving family members are also filtering into the mainstream media.

There are more reasons to close the border than leave them open and Tom Udall has yet to explain his score of “F” on immigration from Numbers U.S.A. or his repeated votes to increase immigration, both legal and illegal, in the U.S.

Change is on the way and it is a change that Barack Obama and Tom Udall haven’t imagined yet because they still think they can negotiate with terrorists.

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