Our U.S. Police State is Alive, Well and Growing

 Posted:  October 27, 2014

We are sent materials to consider for posting on our site often. Some of the materials duplicate materials we already have on site. Other articles or videos go a little far afield of our perspective and purpose. However, a great deal of research and time has been collating materials relevant to the U.S. Police State that has been accelerated during the terms of George W. Bush AND Barack Obama. We have a huge section under Battleground issues on this site called Police State.

The two linked videos are a television interview with an ex-CIA operative who has experiences with the CIA and our government that most don’t. Whistleblowers are around. It is just that they are not protected anymore, especially by our politicians and the government. Why would they want us to know anything about what they are doing behind our backs?

The two interviews bring up the Iraq War and 9-11. For many who follow the alternative media the ideas and suggestions are not new or earthshaking. The interviews, however, are a short intro to Police State 101.

The whistleblower, Susan Lindauer, helps us understand the disturbing rise of the Nazi state in our country.

Even if you want to believe the government stories about Iraq and 9-11, even if you think most of this is hogwash, if even 20% is true we have a huge problem.

For our part here, we tend to believe Ms. Lindauer before we believe our elected officials. They are much more accomplished liars, and manipulation is a huge part of their playbook.

We can’t afford to roll over on our backs and let the government scratch our tummies. That is what dogs do.

We aren’t dogs yet, are we?

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