Out of Work, Out of Hope: Meet the New U.S.A.

 Posted:  October 9, 2014

The linked article below reports results of a recent survey of unemployed adults in the U.S.

More than 20% of workers laid off in the last five years HAVE NOT FOUND A NEW JOB.

Of those who did find work, half reported that they made less money and took a drop in status.

Older workers have been hurt the most by the times.

If this means good times for us, we hate to think how it will be when it gets worse.

With interest rates at almost 0%, at what point do you decide that there are problems with the economy that the money supply that the Federal Reserve can’t fix?

At what point do you decide that politicians need to try to do something else to get us out of the box they put us in?

Full article here >>>.

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