Pat Buchanan Takes a Look at the Future

 Posted:  September 6, 2014

This man has learned from history and has some trenchant observations about America. The linked article below reminds us that America is dumbed down and the young are not only not being taught to avoid the mistakes of the past, but don’t even know their own past.

This piece was written in 2011 and remains prescient:

“If the recent gap in academic achievement persists the next forty years, as it has the last 40, virtually ALL the superior positions in the New Economy will go to Asians and Whites with Blacks and Hispanics largely relegated to the service sector …”

“The only way to achieve equality of rewards and results will be a relentless use of redistributive policies by the State, steep taxes on the successful,annual wealth transfers to the unsuccessful, affirmative action, race preferences, ethnic quotas…..”

“All of this is not a prescription for either racial equality or social tranquility …”

Kind of sounds familiar doesn’t it? It doesn’t take a college degree to see what the future holds for America.

Tom Udall is firmly in the redistributive camp and refuses to accept that the schools are part of the problem. With Tom Udall you will get the same old schools, the same old inequality, the same old wealth transfers, the same old “we are victims” strategy.

When will Tom Udall pick up a history book and learn a little history?

He could start with this short article, if he reads anymore to keep up on things.

Full article here >>>.

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