People do Not Want This U.S. Invasion From Central America

 Posted:  July 28, 2014

The linked article and accompanying video below show a very recent protest in Boston, Massachusetts.

People are not happy.

People have very good reasons for not being happy.

When your representatives don’t represent you, you protest, you march, you vote.

Change is going to happen. If our representatives don’t represent us, they are out.

If we do nothing and don’t vote, we are out.

Our New Mexico representatives, save one, are firmly behind amnesty, letting illegals walk across the border and make themselves at home in our home, and using government resources (your money) to make it a pleasant experience for them. This is, as the speaker says, not even a moral issue. This is a mathematical issue – we just don’t have the money.

This rally was called after the Governor of Massachusetts stated he would bring 1,000 illegals to Mass and put them up. Imagine New Mexico where we have a thousand crossing into our state every week.

You are not being immoral to think that people who want to get into this country should do it legally through the immigration system we have.

You are not being immoral to think that we have a Constitution and a President cannot do what he wants just because he thinks it is the right thing or expedient thing to do.

You are not being immoral to think that the U.S. has a culture that needs to be protected, borders that need to be secure.

You are not being immoral to think that we have plenty of problems to solve here and bringing more from across the border is just stupid.

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