Pete Dominici Applauds Oil and Gas in New Mexico

 Posted:  August 19, 2014

Long time New Mexico residents and voters remember well Pete Dominici who occupied the Senate seat for New Mexico for many many years. He was a Republican, a friend of the gas and oil industry in New Mexico, and a man who realizes how important this resource is for New Mexico, the United States, the World.

In this op-ed piece linked below, he talks about the advent of new technology that has helped catapult the U.S. into a position as the number one producer of oil in the world.

In the piece, he talks about how oil and gas are not a partisan issue.

He reminds us that New Mexico is the sixth largest producer of energy in the United States.

What he doesn’t say is the negative affect Tom Udall has had on the entire oil and gas industry in New Mexico and the United States. He is far too diplomatic for that.

We, however, remind voters to listen to Pete Dominici, who represented all New Mexico interests and voters, and take a closer look at Tom Udall’s fixation on solar and wind energy.

Solar and Wind don’t provide jobs to New Mexico. Solar and Wind don’t lower the cost of energy to New Mexicans. Solar and Wind won’t power Albuquerque or Santa Fe because there is not enough land to place the panels to generate the electricity these two cities consume. Solar and Wind can provide 10% of our needs but what about the other 90%?

Listen to Pete Dominici who heads a bi-partisan policy center in New Mexico. As a Founder and Senior Fellow, he knows our state.

Oil and gas and Tom Udall don’t mix.

Full article here >>>.

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