Poles Apart: A Divided America

 Posted:  June 17, 2014

Recently, someone commented that this site was “right wing” but had “good information”.

The “good information” part was correct. The “right wing” part is not correct. DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com is a site focused on some simple ideas:

  1. Representatives must represent all their constituents at least a part of the time.

  2. We have too many career politicians in Congress.

  3. Big Government, Big Business, Big Money all make the USA the USSR.

  4. Business pays for government and not the other way around.

  5. Politicians, of both parties, consistently give you misinformation, no information, conflicting information to hide what they are really doing which is helping cronies and getting themselves re-elected.

  6. All politicians must be held accountable for their votes and behavior.

  7. Without grassroots scrutiny, big time politicians and their bought and paid for media will always be in office.

  8. We are at a fiscal collapsing point that will impact everyone in the country.

  9. People on the fence need to study and move one way or the other in the debate. Their apathy and ignorance is killing us all.

  10. Our Constitutional rights are being taken away by a monolithic Big Government that has the power to take everything we own, and is doing so across the country.

  11. Your privacy has been ripped away from you and you don’t even know it.

  12. The government is un accountable, stonewalls, covers up, destroys information, and persecutes dissent.

  13. Both political parties are too be blamed for our current situation.

  14. Power needs to be localized ,decentralized from Washington to your Main Street.

  15. People are unhappy across the board. Point your finger at Washington D.C. if you want to know what has happened to a once powerful country. They have decimated the greatest manufacturing country on the world, turned us into a nation of debt, created a welfare state, a state that nurtures big business, and fights wars all over the globe. Aren’t you tired of this; we are.

If these worries are “right wing”, I guess we are guilty. These seem to be things voters should always be worried with. Maybe some “left wingers” agree with us?

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