Political Correctness: A Mind Control Tactic of the Unhinged Left

 Posted:  June 30, 2014

When you put up a Website you get all kinds of feedback. One of the more interesting tidbits came recently when a reviewer commented that DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com was a nice “hate site”. This sent us thinking. When did we get to the point that if you say anything that might be viewed as uncomplimentary to someone else it was “hate speech”? I suppose we should be looking out for the “thought police” to come get us and take us to one of those FEMA camps. Maybe life in the FEMA camp will be pleasant with a cinnamon roll and cup of hot Starbucks coffee for breakfast and then a nice bowl of oatmeal before we have to take our psycho drugs to calm us out and smooth out the irritations we feel when we our Constitutional rights attacked.

There is, as this linked article suggests, no place in a free society for political correctness which is the LEFT’s attempt at mind control. The RIGHT is also capable of mind control. The bottom line is that anyone who pushes political correctness is just looking to be the person that decides what you can and can’t think. The real purpose of political correctness is to control language and therefore control thought.

We are doing what the media very seldom does. We are checking to see if Tom Udall passes the walk like a duck, talk like a duck, is a duck test.

Tom Udall, so far, has failed the duck test. He really resembles a turkey more than any other animal we know.

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