Political Fundraisers Get Their Rewards

 Posted:  June 9, 2014

Ambassadors of the United States to other countries can be important positions. They represent the U.S. in foreign countries, provide resources and protections for Americans traveling and living abroad, and help facilitate negotiations between the U.S. and both allies and enemies. Ambassador Stevens was killed in Bengazi so the duty is not always safe and cushy.

This link shows the extent of political plums passed out to individuals who raised a lot of money for Obama. There are some cases where the new Ambassadors are worthy of the position. There are also other cases where the new Ambassadors have neither the experience or ability to represent the U.S.

Each of these people have been approved by Congressional vote though the votes have not always been close. Tom Udall, who always votes for his President, has voted affirmative for these nominations. It is enough for Tom Udall that the President has his way all the time. It is important enough that political donors be rewarded for their efforts.

Another interesting thing is the occupations of the “bundlers”. There are a fair share of lawyers, a smattering of Goldman Sachs people, some investment bankers and tech company CEO’s.

People in power don’t get there without having people pulling their cart. When the cart heads home the horses want a nice dinner and a glass of wine. Republicans do much the same thing, of course.

The shame is that we will see one or more of these new Ambassadors tested in their new assignment and will have to endure their failures.

It would seem much better to put people already in the diplomatic service in such positions. They are Republicans and Democrats too.

It would seem much better if Tom Udall voted “no” occasionally on these kinds of appointments. Getting the best person in the position should be the goal, and politics be damned.

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