Polls, Polls, Polls, Polls

 Posted:  September 3, 2014

There are polls everywhere these days. Politicians want to know how they are doing? People want to know about their issues? Money needs to find someone to go? Stories need to be written. Teams need to be analyzed. Parties need something to run on.

Polls are good as far as they go but we all know that the results can be affected by who is polled, the way the questions are asked, and how the results are interpreted. We take them as a general indicator of the mood of the country but always figure that you won’t know the true results till the election is over.

On the linked page below are all kinds of polls to suit any voters fancy. In researching this site, it early became clear that the American public is not always as fractured as politicians would like it too seem. From looking at a number of polls you have only a ten percent or so difference, on any issue, between two opposite philosophies. In every true Democrat there are some Republican streaks and vice versa.

Looking at polls gives you an idea of how the herd is moving. However, we contend that voting is an INDIVIDUAL responsibility and duty and you want to vote YOUR conscience, not just tag along with the group because it is safe, thoughtless, and easy.

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