Pot is No Good But We Will Look the Other Way

 Posted:  July 11, 2014

This article in the Albuquerque Journal details the Obama Administration talking out of both sides of the same mouth – again. On one side they say that drugs are illegal, are injurious to kids, won’t be tolerated, and they need $25 billion more for prevention and treatment of drug users after trillions spent on the drug war since the 1980’s and Nancy Reagan. On the other side they say that even though drugs are against federal law they won’t stop states from implementing the legalization of marijuana if they can police themselves about it.

It is probably true that the Federal government has no jurisdiction over the use of drugs and it has always been a local matter.

In New Mexico the ideas of legalizing pot has surfaced in the Legislature but is stalled by the Governor Susana Martinez. It will come up again because lawmakers will not be able to resist the huge revenues pot will generate and will find that money is too tempting to turn down.

There is no doubt that marijuana is not good for kids and hurts their development and learning.

It will be interesting to see what side of the issue current candidates for the U.S. Senate will adopt.

Perhaps legalization will cut the illegal drug trade that has been killing our country for the past twenty years and some of the money funneled to drug gangs in Mexico will stay in our communities.

The way we have it now is guaranteeing profits for criminals and helping build up local police forces to a point they are dangerous to ordinary law abiding citizens.

As this article reminds – if you are in government you have to be for both sides of an issue, at the same time, in order to be elected.

I guess pot is a pretty good solution for this psychic stress introduced by Washington D.C. and Santa Fe?

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