Pot Seems on People’s Minds, but it Doesn’t Help Minds Much

 Posted:  August 25, 2014

The pot issue has trickled into the Governor’s Race and has become, in some blogs minds, an issue that might get their man, or woman, into the Governor’s Office.

New Mexican’s watch the pot industry develop in Colorado and politician’s salivate over the new revenue streams that can fund their utopian dreams.

At DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com, the consensus is that pot is not good for anyone but filling the jails with small time users and even sellers is a losing proposition that has never stopped demand for the product. It has been discussed that if adults want to check themselves out and take a risk of losing their jobs that is their business. However, pot in young folk’s hands is not a good thing. Pot clouds judgement, impairs initiative, fosters crime, and makes trips to the frig for treats way too common.

As the linked article below indicates, there are good moral reasons to not want pot legalized and there are new scientific reasons to not legalize it either. The article states that even for college age adults pot has residual effects that are not good. Pot may be seen as a recreational harmless drug but it’s effects on the body, especially for kids, are not harmless.

While it may be an issue in this election it will hopefully not carry much weight in voter’s minds.

There are plenty of voters that we wish would stay home on voting day with their drug of choice and leave the difficult decisions to the rest of us who have studied our issues.

Full article here >>>.

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