POTUS Executive Order Sends National Guard to Liberia

 Posted:  October 17, 2014

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, this trumps it all.

An Executive order by the President is sending National Guard troops to ground zero in Liberia to build treatment centers for Ebola patients.

Eight engineers and logistical specialists, both active duty and reservists, are among the first wave of Guard members that may be sent to Africa.

While there are questions about whether the President has the authority to commandeer National Guard troops in the first place, we watch the Ebola crisis unfold and wonder what our Senator, Tom Udall, has to say?

When you go to his Website you find the same tired issues of yesteryear. He may as well be running fifteen years ago, as now.

There is stuff about energy, conservation, climate change, campaign reform. There are a few dog bones about jobs and the economy though we all know Tom Udall has no interest in these. He is a government man. He doesn’t even talk about term limits or balancing the budget, or reforming the tax code.

What troubles us is that Tom Udall has nothing to say about some of the more pressing events happening in real time?

When is Rip Van Udall going to wake up and start letting us know how he is going to ensure our safety?

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