Primary Issues That Won’t Go Away in New Mexico or the Nation

 Posted:  July 4, 2014

The political season is very short but the consequences are very long.

The primaries are over and voters, very few of them, have decided who is going to run in the General Election. In looking at the issues for the past few months, it is rewarding to review what David Clements, who ran in the Republican primary, has to say on the issues.

As you scan the issues you get a feel for what issues a man running for Senate believed were important enough to run on. You see thought and feeling put into arriving at a decision about where he stood on issues. Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, he put the time and effort on the line to go out of his way and run for office.

Issues don’t just go away when the primary is done. feels all issues are important to voters. Some voters don’t care about one issue, but might care deeply about another. Cumulatively, however, all issues go together to give voters a sense that they are going to be making important decisions with definite consequences.

Take a moment and review issues that will come up in this election cycle.

We choose people to represent us and when they don’t we shouldn’t be happy.

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