Pro Amnesty Out-of-Towners Swamp Murrieta, California to Demonstrate

 Posted:  July 11, 2014

The linked article details the influx of protestors descending on Murrieta, California, the site of another detention center for illegals crossing the U.S. border. In the group are members of La Raza and other groups wanting America to welcome and take care of the tens of thousands of illegals who have crossed the U.S. border during the last year.

Speakers at the rally stated that it was the responsibility of America to make those who have crossed the border legal and give them what they deserve as human beings of the world.

These out-of-towners are in direct conflict with locals who last week had demonstrations and turned back buses filled with illegals. Their reasons had to do with their belief that the U.S. has a legal immigration system and the U.S. and their community have neither the money or the ability to handle a new poor when they are dealing with their own poor.

All of this is occurring because of President Obama’s border policies of “catch and release”. In the past year he has instructed the Department of Homeland Security to back down from prosecuting illegals, ordered the Border Patrol to stand down and offered temporary legal status to young illegals for at least two years. He has been aided in these changes by Congressional Democrats including Tom Udall who has been a vigorous spokesman for amnesty and legalization, who is pushing for comprehensive immigration reform, and has the backing of immigration lawyers and radical immigration groups.

There is little doubt that Obama has orchestrated these problems to gain amnesty for illegals and achieve a large voting block of new voters that support big government socialism and his redistribution policies.

The question remains – which side of this fence do you stand on?

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