Progressive Liberal Tom Udall Represents 23% of the Population

 Posted:  July 1, 2014

A recent Gallup poll (see link below) reflected what we already knew at Tom Udall represents, at best, 23% of the American voters. Since he is a very very progressive liberal this 23% is probably below 20% of the voters who consider themselves liberal. In the last election in New Mexico Tom Udall convinced another 40% of voters to support him. Obviously these voters did not believe in Tom Udall’s ideology. Obviously they voted for other reasons unknown to the rest of the world.

If you have an ideology and vote an ideology that only 20% of the public supports, in their own mind, you have to work extra hard at convincing the public that you are not what you are. Tom Udall understands the idea of camouflage very well.

If you go to his website he overwhelmingly represents himself as a centrist, a moderate, a man concerned about all voters. This is false.

If you listen to his speeches he overwhelmingly represents himself as a man who wants to work with opposition. This is false.

If you study his votes, Tom Udall overwhelmingly votes with the most liberal wing of his party and more often than not votes entirely opposite from what his public statements about the vote are.

This election actually study the candidate Tom Udall and the politician Tom Udall.

Any man who represents 20% of the population but gets 60% of the votes has done a real sales job on the public. Don’t let yourself be fooled again. Make sure the Tom Udall you vote for is the Tom Udall who votes for you.

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