Public Sector Unions Interfere With Public Interest: Tom Udall Supports Public Sector Unions: Tom Udall Interferes With the Public Interest

 Posted:  September 5, 2014

Public sector unions have grown as private sector unions have shrunk. More and more of the tax revenues of cities, states, and the Federal government have gone into very cozy pension plans for working and retired public sector employees. This has given Democrats, who grow government, a steady pool of voters for their policies but has also strapped the taxpayer with paying for far too generous benefits that they don’t have in their own workplace.

The Washington Post article linked below discusses the interaction between private and public unions, the impact of legislation on these unions, and the changing realization by states (Michigan, in particular) that they cannot afford to pay for the rich pensions of retired public sector employees that include healthcare, large monthly checks, and other perks. In a time of dwindling revenues, it is just not affordable any more (and a bad policy) to pay people to do the public’s business and reward them with more luxuries than the very citizens who pay their salaries.

Tom Udall is an expert at growing government and an expert at public sector union support. He doesn’t care what it coats because the costs are all in the future after he is retired and drawing his public pension benefits. All that matters is that he gets votes to make the right votes to support the SEIU types that trade their votes for politicians for nice financial agreements that cost taxpayers lots of money.

No wonder that a huge piece of support for Tom Udall comes from public union groups.

It should be mentioned that there are many many civil service laws in place that already protect government and public sector workers. They are not in any jeopardy like private sector workers who don’t have 401Ks, don’t have healthcare, don’t have retirement, don’t have vacation days.

Let’s hear from Tom Udall about why he supports public service unions and takes their money and then votes 100% their way on legislation that comes to his desk for a vote.

Sounds a little too compromising to us … we want someone in Congress that represents us, the working guys.

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