Questions For Tom Udall: Class Warfare/Middle Class

  1. You have been in Washington almost twenty years. During that time the rich have grown richer, the poor have received more un-earned subsidies and benefits, and the middle class has seen wages shrink, jobs disappear and stagnate, taxes rise and regulations explode. This has happened no matter which party is in power. Don’t you owe us an explanation and an apology?

  2. Pitting classes against one another is a Marxist tactic and a tactic promoted by Alinsky? Why do you use this tactic?

  3. In the old days, debt was unknown. The U.S. was a cash society. Now, we have a credit society where the rich get richer. You have voted for policies that help the rich get rich. How does taking back a little of the money you have made for them make you a friend of the middle class?

  4. Is the problem that rich have a system that enables them or a poor class that cannot, will not, won’t try to rise above the government supported security blanket?

  5. Perhaps we are in a long term higher unemployment trend where the question is what do we go with 20% of the people who have no skills, no education, no incentives, no hope for a rising economic future?

  6. Isn’t it hypocritical of you to say you are for the Middle Class and still vote for legislation that hurts the middle class, favors the poor and the rich?

  7. Giving money to people is not the same as helping them. You are good at passing out money that other people have earned. When are you going to work at creating programs that actually help people escape poverty in America? When the food stamps stop coming what do you expect people will do?

  8. How can you, in good conscience, decry big banks, big corporations, the rich and wealthy and still take their money, vote for their interests, and play their game like any good Republican?

  9. New Mexico is an example of a government dependent welfare state with a low educated population, scarce business development, few jobs, a large amount of money spent in social services, a shrinking population, and one party rule for decades. In fact, wouldn’t you say New Mexico is where the entire country is headed?

  10. Why shouldn’t charities be able to get tax credits when they help people? You have voted against this concept. Why?

  11. Do you feel that the federal government is the only avenue for people getting help?

  12. The War on Poverty has not made a dent in poverty in the U.S. It has cost taxpayers trillions of dollars. We now have escalating unemployment, escalating food stamp and welfare service participants, less affordable housing. At what point do you admit that writing checks and redistributing wealth is an expensive road in the wilderness? You have supported the War on Poverty for twenty years and voted for it. Do you consider us making progress on reducing poverty in the U.S.?

  13. In many ways, government programs have helped destroy black families. You are supported by minorities and they are one of your constituency groups. Why should blacks support you?

  14. Social Security is often called an entitlement program. However, people paid into the fund. When are you going to pass a law that says Social Security money will no longer be stolen and put in the general revenues fund as just another tax?

  15. You support the Social Security Ponzi scheme whereby young people pay older people money, older people who have lots of assets. Is this fair and equitable?

  16. The wealthy do pay a large amount of income tax. Do you feel they should give the government all their money?

  17. You criticize the rich yet you vote for legislation that enables them to become richer. You say you are for the middle class but vote for legislation that has crippled them. You say you are for the poor but just give them fish without teaching them how to fish. Wouldn’t you say that your positions and statements don’t line up?

  18. You voted to give President Clinton fast track authority on NAFTA, a trade treaty that kills our economy. What are you going to do with the TPP trade treaty that gives President Obama fast track authority on another blockbuster trade bill?

  19. You support the progressive income tax. This is a plank on the Communist Party platform. Why do you support this idea?

  20. People get tax credits, checks in the mail, who pay no taxes at all. Isn’t this income re-distribution of the worst kind?

  21. The Fed has pushed interest rates so low that people who have to live on CD interest are forced to get into a stock market. How is your support of a money printing low interest holding fed helping savers?

  22. The problem in our country seems to be less about poor, middle class, rich, young, old than a problem with takers and givers. When are you going to concern yourself with givers instead of takers?

  23. We have a generation of young people who will have to suffer because of the profligacy of the federal government and your profligacy as a big spending liberal. What do you say to a young person who has a huge student debt, no job living at home on their parent’s healthcare? Is their future going to work to pay your Social Security, paying for healthcare for the old and sick, paying for even more wars, wondering if the government is monitoring their phone calls and they might disappear in the middle of the night?

  24. Why should people pay for the child care of poor parents who should not have gotten pregnant in the first place, shouldn’t have dropped out of school and shouldn’t have had the misfortune of being born in an area of no jobs and no opportunity?

  25. Right now the war in the U.S., is more between an elite governing class that treats working people and business owners as their own personal ATM machine. You are not for the middle class. Why do you continue to say you are?