Questions For Tom Udall: Climate/Environment

  1. You voted for Cap and Trade, a new government program to control and manage emissions from the consumption of fossil fuels. This program would have created an entire new tax revenue for the federal government and would have regulated and controlled individuals in every community in the U.S. Where, in the Constitution, do you get your authority to actually conceive such a scheme?

  2. We live in a global economy and weather is a global phenomenon. Why should we constrict our economy, drastically curtail the mobility of our citizens, create a large new government program to control fuel consumption when other countries will not contribute anything?

  3. Does it make sense to shut down coal plants in the U.S., run up electricity costs, and sell coal to China so the emissions can blow back over our country?

  4. Global warming is not settled science and we have seen how scientists can be bought off by government to find what they are told to find. Even if the climate is warming, is it realistic to believe that man causes it, and that man can change it?

  5. Population control ideas have been around for a long time. Do you believe there are too many people on the planet, that resources are limited and have to be controlled by wise and benign elites, and that contraception and abortion are legitimate ways to slow population growth?

  6. Apparently, you want to turn the entire United States into a National Park and pay for the U.S. government by charging fees to get into the park. Why are you trying to confiscate hundreds of thousands of acres of New Mexico land and give them to Washington D.C.?

  7. New Mexico is a sparsely populated rural state. You vote to keep it that way. Why?

  8. What if the sun is the cause of global warming? What if it has nothing to do with emissions from burning fossil fuels at all?

  9. There are plenty of fuel efficient vehicles in the world yet Americans can’t buy them. When are you going to loosen import rules?

  10. You are a lawyer and write/vote on legislation that citizens have to comply with or be criminals. Your campaign is supported by lawyers who win lots of money filing environmental lawsuits. You also garner votes and monetary supports from environmental radicals and groups who want to turn the U.S. into a National Park. What do you say to a citizen who thinks this is crony capitalism and a conflict of interest?

  11. Electric cars are great but mandating power companies to generate more electric by expensive alternative energy runs the cost of operating electric cars higher than many people can afford. Aren’t you working against yourself and us?

  12. Humans are easier to control in cities. Is this why you are big on closing human access to the country, using the EPA to violate private property rights, trying to confiscate water rights from individuals in the country, and herding people into cities to be dependent on government welfare?

  13. Climate and environment issues generate lots of money for lawyers. Could your promotion of laws on climate and environment be tied to your support by lawyers?

  14. Refineries are a big part of the providing of cheap energy to Americans. You have voted against refineries for decades. If a state wants a refinery, why shouldn’t it have one?

  15. You voted against the Keystone Pipeline despite the fact that Canada wants it, the states want it, independent studies have stated it will not harm the environment, and polls that show that Americans want it. Your cold shoulder to reality continues. How can you say you are for a “balanced energy program” in your propaganda website and not vote for it?

  16. States are fighting the EPA on a daily basis and should be. This federal encroachment into states business is overwhelming. Which state do you work for- California or New York?

  17. Most Americans accept moderation in government policy. However, you are not a moderate on climate and environment, or anything else. Why should a moderate vote for you?

  18. A huge part of gas taxes go to government. Why won’t you vote to cut gas taxes to help the poorest citizens so they don’t need food stamps? Why should we trust big government to change the climate when it can’t even change Washington?

  19. We live on a planet 3/4 of which is water. If you are concerned about water why haven’t you proposed the creation of desalinization plants to provide water to all of America through pipelines?

  20. How much outsourcing of American jobs and manufacturing had to do with environmentalists’ desires to de-industrialize America? Democrats got rid of manufacturing. Republicans got more corporate profits. Citizens got cheaper stuff. However, we all lost in the process.

  21. Why are you silent on President Obama’s use of executive orders concerning climate change when Congress has not passed legislation to address it and the U.S. has not signed onto any of the World Climate bills attempted in the past two decades? This skirts the authority of Congress and eliminates citizens having, through their elected representatives, a say in their government. Don’t you have a responsibility to protect the authority of Congress as documented in the Constitution?