Questions For Tom Udall: Crony Capitalism

  1. We do not have capitalism in the U.S. We have crony capitalism whereby the politicians grant favorable tax laws and legislation for big business and, in turn, big business rewards politicians by contributing large sums to their campaigns. It is pay for play game where competition is squashed, jobs are lost, productivity gains make more money for business and bigger business makes more money for politicians. Do you deny that both parties in the U.S. are playing, and have been playing, this game?

  2. Obamacare is extremely profitable for insurers and was, in large part, written by the healthcare industry before it was passed by Congress. You voted for, promoted, and sell Obamacare. Why is it ethical for the benefactors of the law to write the law?

  3. You complain loudly about the rich getting richer in the U.S. However, you vote for and refuse to vote for an audit of the Federal Reserve which facilitates large amounts of money going into financial industries that, in turn, contribute larger sums of money to your campaign than your competitors?

  4. When are you going to push Harry Reid to vote on the Audit the Fed Bill that was sent to the Senate several years ago?

  5. You have voted for more food stamps, more Social Security Disability payments, more unemployment benefits, protecting government salaries in case of government shutdowns. You have voted for guaranteed government loans to alternative energy companies that shortly went out of business or were sold to foreign companies. You voted for the bailout of car companies and the cash for clunkers idea. You support public education and affirmative action for women and minorities. This creates votes for your policies. How is this not crony capitalism at work?

  6. Dodd Frank has done nothing to break up or regulate the big banks. You voted for Dodd Frank. Why do we continue to see the big banks getting bigger?

  7. The stock market is being used erroneously as a barometer of our countries economic health. Why do you applaud easy money policies that help the rich grow richer, banks and insurance companies grow more influential, and CEO’s (who have stock options and benefit from a rising market) to cash in?

  8. You voted against TARP when Bush was President and called it helping the rich. When Obama was President you voted to release TARP funds and said you did it because he told you it was necessary and you trusted him. Your principles look weak.

  9. The Senate is populated by multi-millionaires. You are one of them. Do you feel that it is a conflict of interest to invest in stocks and make legislation that impacts the value of those stocks at the same time?

  10. A significant portion of the Senate are lawyers. You are a lawyer. Is this why you NEVER vote for tort reform?

  11. You have voted to allow Congressmen and staffers to not have to sign up for Obamacare. If it is good for us, why isn’t it good for you?

  12. The Congress has voted themselves lavish retirement packages, travel over the world at taxpayer expense, and have fantastic health benefits. The Congress also has not addressed term limits which is desired by most Americans. Do you understand why Congress is held in such contempt?

  13. You are a public employee and vote for public unions at taxpayer expense. It seems like you have no use for private enterprise and are involved in a conflict of interest?

  14. How many in your immediate and extended family work for the U.S. Government, State Government, or Local Government?

  15. Why is it moral, healthy, or ethical for you to spend twenty five years in elective office?

  16. You attend educational events sponsored by the Aspen Institute in Colorado, an environmental group, at their expense. How can this not influence your votes?

  17. Your ties to Wall Street, lawyers, big banking and big finance, public/private unions, healthcare, alternative energy and environmental groups, pro-choice and gun control groups are legendary. You vote almost 100% for their issues and are rated highly by them. Why would a voter who doesn’t agree with your passions or policies want to consider you?

  18. Ma Bell was broken up long ago. Why haven’t you pushed for breaking up the big banks?

  19. You get most of your campaign money from out of state sources and the Democratic National Committee which, in this last election cycle, gave more money to Democrats than the evil Republicans. Wouldn’t you say your rants against Republicans being the party of the rich is a little suspect?

  20. Unions gave much more money to campaigns than big business. Why do you want to overturn Citizens United? Why are you seeking to disenfranchise private enterprise?

  21. When are you going to push for a bailout of the healthcare insurers?

  22. When are we going to see you voting for a bailout for student loans after you supported more and more loans to young people to go to college when there are no jobs because the federal government pushed globalization and outsourcing?

  23. You voted for the repeal of the Glass Stegal Act that kept a wall between banks and brokerages. This started a money rush whereby banks became risk takers and brokerages became bigger risk takers. This, in turn, let to derivatives and the 2008 collapse. Why did you vote for the repeal?

  24. Why do you support giving Washington D.C. a seat in Congress and voting privileges the same as the other 50 states? Perhaps you should run for the Washington D.C. Senate seat yourself?

  25. The middle class has suffered the last ten years under Presidents from two different parties. It seems that we are getting the same from all politicians. Why should we vote for you, an establishment partisan politician who believes in big government, big spending, big taxation, big banks and loose money policies, cracking down of certain industries and trying for good laws to help others?