Questions For Tom Udall: Family

  1. By most appraisals, the family is suffering in the U.S. Whether you look at child hunger, child abuse, domestic violence, divorce, unemployment, food stamps or mental health; all the trend lines are in a negative direction. In spite of all these trends why do you make gay rights your prime mission?

  2. Do you agree that 50 million people on food stamps is indicative that something has to be done to improve the American economy?

  3. You seem concerned with the families of illegals in this country. Are you equally concerned with the jobs and families of native born Americans who compete for many of the same jobs as the illegals?

  4. Why do married people still have to pay a marriage penalty on their taxes? Doesn’t this encourage people not to marry?

  5. Government benefits stop when a woman gets married. So many women keep benefits and live with their significant other. Doesn’t this encourage a collapse of the family where the government becomes the parent instead of the adults involved in a relationship?

  6. You vote for government aid to teen girls who get pregnant. Is this a legitimate use of government funds?

  7. It now takes two incomes for many families to survive. This means child care is a necessity. Is government childcare through public schools, early child education, or tax credits, a proper function of government?

  8. Why do you force half the population to accept gay marriage when over half of marriages end in divorce?

  9. Gangs have a profound influence on young people. What are you doing to keep gangs out of public schools that is the only place you want kids to be educated?

  10. Do you consider the family to be the most important institution in this country or government?

  11. You push birth control and abortion without restrictions. Do you also accept the Chinese practice of limiting the number of children people can have?

  12. Schools are teaching alternative lifestyles as options to students. What does this do to support the development of families in the U.S.?

  13. The U.S. grows plenty of food yet there is still hunger in the U.S.? Why is this?

  14. Zoning laws and land use regulations constrict affordable housing in the U.S. Would a relaxation of these items provide more affordable housing?

  15. Why do we encourage illegals to cross the border and become domestic servants for the rich instead of encouraging Americans to do work that needs to be done for a wage that is reasonable. Illegals keep the wages down in our country which is why businesses hire them. How does immigration help our families?

  16. The family is probably the best way to socialize children, pass on traditions and customs, and provide stability to a society. Do you believe the government has the money, resources, and skill set to do the job of a mother and father?

  17. There are many single men who receive government food stamps etc. Shouldn’t food stamps be saved for families with children?

  18. It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. Do you believe this?

  19. Churches support the family in many places better than government. Why do you fight the idea of giving churches tax credits fore charity work they do? Many like to donate to churches because they can see the money go to people who really need it.

  20. Much wealth transfers from generation to generation. How does it help families when the estate tax takes money from survivors that has already been taxed once?

  21. Why are men who, through no fault of their own, lose their job, can’t pay child support, and are put in jail?

  22. The government on all levels has been quick to take children away from parents into protective custody. This has broken the family apart. Who is responsible for children – the state or the parent?

  23. You voted for and supported a war on drugs. Now, states are voting for legal marijuana. Drugs hurt kids. What is your position going to be when New Mexico wants to legalize marijuana?

  24. Is the decline of the family in America due to bad economy, a dissolution of morals and adults not shouldering responsibility, or government interference into the family dynamics by rewarding bad behaviors?

  25. What do you think has contributed to the many problems we see with families in this country?

  26. Do you think corruption and lack of morality by those who lead us has contributed to a society where the quick buck is automatically taken, cheating is a legitimate way to get ahead, and adults wear the same clothes as their kids?

  27. Why are government sponsored factory indoctrination center schools better than religious schools? Is our goal is to produce healthy intact families for raising children, why isn’t faith and religious tradition honored?