Questions For Tom Udall: Gun Control

  1. The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says the following: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Which part of this Amendment do you use to try to control weapons private citizens deem necessary to protect themselves, their families, and the government?

  2. Polls consistently indicate that Americans are cooling on the idea that gun control laws are neither effective nor enforceable. Why do you continue to support policies and legislation that go against prevailing trends in public opinion?

  3. A large amount of gun violence can be traced to gangs and drugs. Your voting record shows you favor rehabilitation of criminals after they are incarcerated rather than supporting strict penalties for those involved in crimes using guns. Shouldn’t you be dealing with criminals first instead of harassing law abiding citizens who want parity in the kind and quantity of weapons they have?

  4. We are a sovereign country. We have specific rights to have guns. You have been voted 0% by the National Rifle Association as a legislator who believes in absolute control of guns. You have voted for a recent United Nations Treaty that lets the U.N. have a say on our access to guns. What is your imperative to fight to take away our rights as American citizens?

  5. Recent polls show that 70% of Americans now feel our own government is a threat. Why do you want to pass laws that let criminals and law enforcement to have weapons and not citizens?

  6. Over 60% of gun deaths are suicides. Most of the sensational killings we have recently seen have been by isolated individuals who were mentally ill. Instead of focusing on the general public why don’t you spend more time and effort on mental health issues behind gun violence?

  7. Why are you worried about gun violence and gun deaths but not worried about 55 million abortions and an official drone hit list in the Executive office?

  8. Do you agree that in times of crisis, there are enough law enforcement officers to protect citizens from riots and lawlessness?

  9. Do you personally have a firearm, know how to use it, and would use it against an intrusion in your home?

  10. A poll of a national group of law enforcement officers showed that few of them thought gun control laws would make any significant impact on crime figures which are already going down in many categories. When you vote for gun control are you interested in the opinions of individuals who would know about guns, violence, and crime?

  11. States are now actively passing legislation to keep federal gun control laws from taking force in their states. When are you going to say that gun control is a local issue, that states and communities are constrained by the Constitution, that laws that might fit one state do not always fit another state?

  12. You have been quiet about “Fast and Furious” where our U.S. Department of Justice gave guns to Mexican drug cartels in Mexico, and resulted in the killing of an American border patrol/customs agent. This has still not been fully investigated due to stonewalling by the Department of Justice. Why should any U.S. citizen give up guns when his government gives guns to drug cartels that end up killing people in the U.S.?