Questions For Tom Udall: Immigration

  1. With all the pressing problems with our economy, failing schools, broken families etc., why do you continue to waste time on the problems of illegal visitors in our country? Weren’t you elected to help deal with the problems of citizens who are able to vote for you?

  2. Do you believe in secure borders? You have voted repeatedly against measures to secure the borders. Do you understand why securing the border is important to many Americans?

  3. The U.S. Department of Justice and the Executive Branch have repeatedly chosen not to enforce immigration laws already on the book. As an elected Congressman, who is supposed to respect the law, why haven’t you called them down for these actions?

  4. Many of the problems illegals face is due to the anchor baby syndrome that says anyone born in the U.S. is a citizen even if their parents aren’t. This creates a situation whereby a child who is now a citizen is used by family members to gain citizenship for themselves. You vote not to change the anchor baby policy. Why?

  5. Polls strongly support the idea that Americans want the border to be secured before considering citizenship for illegals. You are ranked “F” by a number of interest groups that favor stopping illegal immigration. Why do you vote for policies that a majority of Americans don’t favor?

  6. In New Mexico, illegal moms give birth to babies daily and receive maternity care and counseling. They come to the U.S. to give birth. Shouldn’t we send a bill to the Mexican government for services rendered?

  7. Work programs have been present in New Mexico a long time. Why do you want to give citizenship to people who come to the U.S. to work?

  8. Western Union, each payday, sends millions to Mexico from Mexican Nationals helping family in Mexico. How does this money drain help our local economy?

  9. We already have a legal immigration system that could use some reform. Why aren’t you concerned with reforming that first before addressing people who crossed our borders in the middle of the night?

  10. Would you support a bill that would give illegals a path to citizenship but would deny them voting privileges?

  11. Social Services are being used by illegals. Do you agree that non-citizens should get benefits designed to help citizens in trouble?

  12. Few countries in the world have the porous borders the U.S. has. Porous borders cause safety issues for the U.S. Is the safety of our citizens less important than the feelings of illegal immigrants?

  13. Much of the gun crime in this country can be traced to gangs comprised of people here illegally from other countries. Why can’t gang members here illegally be deported immediately, as well as other criminals who don’t belong here?

  14. What do you say to the parent of a child who has just lost a college scholarship to the child of an illegal immigrant?

  15. The 9/11 terrorists were in the U.S. on student Visa’s. Why do you continue to support liberal granting of student Visa’s to foreigners who want to come here to study?

  16. One makes a phone call and is asked to push a button to indicate whether the call should proceed in English or Spanish. Shouldn’t people in the U.S. know English?

  17. Why do you promote Visas that let foreign college graduates from U.S. schools compete with U.S. natives for American jobs?

  18. Other countries have requirements for immigrants that they have skills we need, have money and assets, plan to start a business. Why do you support making citizens of those who bring the least to our country?

  19. Business interests want illegal immigration because it keeps wages low and provides a labor force for jobs that used to pay more but no longer do. Aren’t you a little hypocritical to support illegal immigration that helps the business community that you consistently marginalize and vote against?

  20. Wouldn’t a prudent solution to immigration be to 1) shut the borders 2) tightly control who is in the country and for what reason 3) sanction employers who hire illegal immigrants 4) eliminate social services for non-citizens 5) abolish anchor babies and family as the main reason for granting papers 6) streamline the legal immigration system and bring in people who have education, skills, money?