Questions For Tom Udall: Individualism/Collectivism

  1. Do you believe in market economies or economies where the government controls the economic or social policies of the country?

  2. You are, by votes and deeds, a central planner. Central planning failed in Russia. Why do you continue to seek to centralize power in Washington to the detriment of local communities?

  3. Do you believe claims of individuals are superseded by claims of the collective?

  4. You obviously believe that what individuals make for themselves does not belong to them and must be taken by the government and distributed to others. This makes us slaves to the state. Doesn’t this sound like Communism to you?

  5. Are we here to be self-actualizing people who help others of our free will or are we here to serve the needs of the group who will decide what is to be done with our talents, our energy and our creations?

  6. You are a statist. Explain why you believe in a government of the few that controls the many and makes decisions about how people will live their lives, where they can move, what they eat, and when they die?

  7. The government has already proven itself corrupt, incompetent, wasteful, dangerous, and expensive. Why do you continue to champion the use of government to control human behavior?

  8. You have never worked in private enterprise. Why do you continue to vote to regulate how it works?

  9. You believe in national healthcare. You also believe in nationalized energy. Do you believe in a “living wage” – a check from the government for every person and if they want to work they can but they will be supported by the government if they don’t?

  10. You belonged to the Progressive Caucus in the House of Representatives. This is a Socialist/Marxist group. Weren’t you elected to honor and protect the Constitution?

  11. The federal government, through the IRS and EPA, continuously seize the assets of private individuals, citizens of this country. You say nothing and continue to vote for laws that make us criminals against the state. When will you quit?

  12. On the individualism/Collectivism continuum you fall well into the Collectivist arena. What do you say to those who still believe in the primacy of the individual?