Questions For Tom Udall: National Deficit/Debt

  1. You have never voted against raising the debt ceiling and authorizing Congress to borrow and print more money (beyond tax revenues) to pay for government spending. Doesn’t the growth of National debt and its cost to Americans bother you? Apparently not …

  2. The National Debt has passed $17 trillion dollars. It is clear that it will never be paid off especially since the government rate of spending increases six to seven percent a year regardless of a bad economy, dropping tax revenues. The opposition party has attempted to only slow down the rate of government spending. You demonize them and portray them as cruel and heartless Republicans. Don’t you agree that the federal government can, should, must control its own appetites to spend?

  3. Why has your Senate Speaker Harry Reid refused to come up with a budget and why have you not pressed him to do so. The House has sent you budgets. You can disagree with them but it is criminal not to negotiate and make a counter offer. Who is the partisan party that refuses to deal with the fiscal health of this country?

  4. You believe in stimulus as a cure for a lagging economy and supported bank bailouts, stimulus spending and healthy increases of food stamp, unemployment benefit, and welfare spending. It is clear that stimulus spending has not worked so why do you stand by it?

  5. Is there any facet of human life and behavior that the federal government shouldn’t tax, control, legislate, regulate, obsess over?

  6. The Federal Reserve now owns over 60% of the National Debt. What happens when the American people can no longer make the payments?

  7. Explain how, in our lives, most of us working stiffs have to live within our means but the rich bankers, corporations, and our Federal government have an unlimited credit line?

  8. You are rated as a big spender by more than one non-partisan interest group keeping track of which Congressmen are fiscally prudent. You are a big spender and a wasteful spender. If you disagree, prove your point with facts, not proclamations.

  9. Name five government programs in your twenty years in Washington that you have voted to eliminate.

  10. You dislike the rich even though you are rich. Isn’t it time to admit that if you took ALL the money the rich in America make in a year it wouldn’t run the Federal government for more than a month?

  11. If you are for fairness, why is it fair that over half of Americans pay no income taxes yet vote for you so you can raise taxes on everyone else that does?

  12. When will you push for a flat tax that eliminates the deductions and special exemptions that Congress, on both side of the aisle, have arranged for their cronies, campaign donors, and special interest projects?

  13. We have a system now where the American people have become slaves to government debt. We can never pay off the debt, can only struggle to pay the interest. It is like having a credit card where you pay the minimum and the principle due never goes down. It looks like slavery to the Federal bankers to me except we don’t get slave quarters to live in and beans and rice for our bowls?

  14. You stay in Washington by passing out money and acting like it is yours. Your website always talks about delivering to New Mexico. Is this all you have become, a bag man for the government mob?

  15. World debt is increasing as financial markets and governments collude to rape the public of their money and power. What happens when it all hits the wall?

  16. Interest rates are at an all-time low because of money manipulation by the Fed. The money they print is hiding in banks to make banks look good, going overseas. What happens when interest rates rise and interest on the debt soars?

  17. Why should a young person vote for you when he or she can’t find a job, owes lots of money for a student loan, and has to pay for old peoples’ healthcare and social security?

  18. How can you say you represent New Mexicans and yet do nothing to address the excesses of a Federal government of which you have been a part for twenty years?

  19. Can you think of ANY government program, besides the military, that you could support cutting?

  20. Do you even understand how upsetting this growing National debt is to a good portion of your constituents?

  21. What is fair about having people who do not pay taxes having the opportunity to vote for politicians who raise taxes so they can give things away to people who pay no taxes?