Questions For Tom Udall: On the Dole

  1. Do you consider Social Security an entitlement program?

  2. Why do business owners have to contribute to their employees Social Security accounts thus running up the cost of doing business, running up costs to the public?

  3. Why is Congress still putting all Social Security payments into the General Fund and spending it each year instead of investing it, holding it for contributors.

  4. Why are you against private Social Security accounts? Chili privatized their system and is now one of the most prosperous and stable economies in South America.

  5. Why is there no option for people to pull out their accumulated funds from Social Security when they retire?

  6. Don’t you consider Social Security a Ponzi scheme which will fail because the working young can, in no way, continue to pay for the retiring old – especially in a bad economy?

  7. You continue to demonize Republicans who want to change Social Security when the math demands a change. Aren’t you being oblivious to an on-coming train wreck?

  8. Social Security Disability has become the real entitlement program because you have people drawing money way before retirement for a myriad of reasons. How can you give alcoholics and drug abusers free money in their 20s and pay them for 60 years?

  9. There are entire communities in America that survive because of SSI benefits coming to the citizens. Is this what you want America to be?

  10. The federal government took people’s money, spent it and made no interest for them on their investment. Why is giving people control of their own money a bad idea?

  11. Food stamps are used by fifty million Americans. They form a huge black market being sold, traded and used for barter. Why are eligibility requirements so low? Why can a person pay off his house, pay off his vehicles, quit his job and show no income, then apply and get food stamps, Medicaid, and get paid to take care of their wife?

  12. You have voted for increased food stamps in Farm Bills. Isn’t this just a way of buying votes and creating a huge underclass in America?

  13. Why do you vote for programs that pay farmers not to farm in a country like ours that has hunger?

  14. Aid for Families with Dependent Children is another government program. Why are we taking from adults who have children of their own to support to adults who have children they cannot take care of?

  15. People who pay no income taxes at all get an income tax credit that brings them a check from the government at tax time. Why are we paying money to people who have not made any tax payments at all?

  16. You backed indiscriminate lending by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to get people into homes they could not afford. When defaults grew we faced a meltdown in the real estate market that brought down property values to the point that homes were worth less than people owed. Nothing has been done with these lending agencies who continue to push home loans to high risk buyers. Why did you cast votes that let the federal government control over 90% of the home mortgage business?

  17. Foreign Aid is hated by a large number of Americans. We have problems at home. You continue to vote for foreign aid, with no strings, to places like Egypt? If we are going to send foreign aid why don’t we send it to small towns across the U.S.?

  18. The government is a huge spender of money. Stories of thousand dollar hammers are legendary. Stories of Medicaid and Medicare fraud come up every day. Why aren’t you concerned with fraud, waste, and abuse that cost taxpayers dearly?

  19. The percentage of people working in America has dipped to all all-time low and the people on the dole has increased to an all-time high. Doesn’t this suggest that something is going to give?

  20. You vote to make us a European Socialist state. Is that what your vision of America is?

  21. Do you support the idea of all Americans guaranteed a place to live, healthcare, food, and a living wage all paid for by the few for the many?

  22. There are families that have been on the dole for generations. At what point do you accept that money is not the answer to their poverty?

  23. Why does the federal government demand no behavior changes from people using the social service network?

  24. You obviously believe it is the federal government’s responsibility to provide a continuing and extensive support network. What are you Constitutional directives to pursue and vote for this?

  25. When are you going to accept that it is up to local communities to take care of their own citizens and the federal government should confine themselves to federal responsibilities?

  26. Americans are a generous people, both here and abroad. However, we are a working people. Those pulling the cart are becoming few. Those riding in the cart have become many. When are you going to quit letting people get into the cart who should be pulling it?

  27. We have a real problem with government employees retiring and drawing very good pensions. Government pensions make up a significant portion of federal expenditures. Can government continue to hire more and more workers with great pensions? When you vote to increase the size of government are you considering the cost of doing so?

  28. Our country was founded on a work ethic that has been replaced by an entitlement ethic. Doesn’t this bother you?

  29. What happens when the benefits you vote for are no longer there and people have become dependent on them and cannot take care of themselves?