Questions For Tom Udall: Our Police State

  1. You voted to establish the National Security Administration, the Homeland Security Administration, the TSA that X-rays us at airports and pats down kids and women. You voted for the National Defense Authorization Act of 2014 that gives the President the ability to incarcerate Americans without due process. You have supported the security force that steals our rights daily. How can you claim that voting against the Patriot Act (a George Bush creation) makes you a hero in protecting our Constitutional rights?

  2. Has the TSA ever caught a terrorist?

  3. Do you believe profiling is valuable for law enforcement?

  4. You have voted for a bill that makes it a felony for Americans to protest within several hundred feet of public buildings? What happened to our rights to free speech and the right to assemble?

  5. You have given the FAA authority to fly drones over American soil, the same drones that our President Obama uses to kill suspected terrorists plus assorted innocent bystanders in foreign countries. Isn’t this putting too much faith in government?

  6. The NSA has spied on world leaders in free countries, has collected our phone calls and e mails. Edward Snowden revealed this. Do you feel Snowden is a hero or traitor?

  7. You have been very quiet on “fast and furious” where our U.S. Department of Justice gave weapons to Mexican drug cartels that killed one of our border patrol men. Why haven’t we found out exactly what happened? It has been two years.

  8. Our covert operations in Bengazi were supplying arms to Al Qaida in their fight against Syria. This was despite the fact that Al Qaida was our enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why have you not demanded that the investigation into this illegal activity be investigated?

  9. During your term you wrote a letter to the IRS requesting extra scrutiny of Tea Party groups seeking 501C status. Using the power of the IRS to investigate enemies sounds a lot like the Department of Justice punishing whistle blowers and film makers who do unflattering documentaries on our President. Why are you not protecting the rights of people who disagree with your ideology as the most liberal Senator in Congress?

  10. Recently an unarmed black woman was murdered on the Capitol grounds. Her family has filed a lawsuit against the federal government. Why no outcry from you about this event?

  11. Stories abound about law enforcement agents strip searching citizens and abusing their rights. Does this trouble you?

  12. Why is the Department of Homeland Security stockpiling ammunition?

  13. You have been quick to pass hate speech laws that make it a felony to use certain words against people. Isn’t this really taking away our Constitutional rights to free speech no matter how inflammatory?

  14. You have no problem with the Environmental Protection Agency confiscating the property and assets of private citizens who are at variance with EPA directives. You violate Constitutional rights concerning private property. Why?

  15. Why are you intent on regulating the internet and taxing transactions?

  16. You routinely call Tea Party citizens and Republicans “obstructionists.” Why is it obstructionist to object to your policies that are anti-business, crony capitalist, and protect government and unions?

  17. When you go to the airport do you have to take off your clothes, stand under an X-ray and take your belt off?

  18. The Federal government has no authority to be involved in local law enforcement. Why is the federal government trying to override local sheriffs who refuse to enforce federal gun control laws?

  19. How can we have respect for the law when our President chooses which laws he wants to enforce? You have repeatedly said that immigration laws are flawed and you agree with non-enforcement. As citizens, why should we follow laws when our leaders don’t?

  20. You are trying to take away 600,000 acres of New Mexican land in southern New Mexico. Half of the state is already owned or managed by Washington. Who do you work for?

  21. What are the plans for declaring martial law in the U.S. when the economy collapses?

  22. Six companies own all the media in the U.S. and donate substantial money to the Democratic Party. The media also worships politicians and do precious little investigative journalism. Does this concern you that our media is now a propaganda machine for Washington D.C.?

  23. When we turn on night news we see the same news, with only a few minor variations. It is as if it is all scripted and written out well beforehand. That worries some people. Does it worry you?

  24. The federal government can be compared to a large trough of money where official elected pigs go to eat more than they need, waste taxpayer resources, and reward fellow pigs with plum deals. Both political parties differ only in who they favor and who supports them. As a lifetime public servant, what do you say to this characterization?

  25. There are more and more people leaving the U.S. to become citizens elsewhere. Why do you suppose this is happening?

  26. Do you believe we have a police state in the U.S.?