Questions For Tom Udall: Religion

  1. The early colonists in America came here for religious freedom. Each colony followed their own religious desires. When the Constitution was written the founders respected the need for religious freedom to be protected. The Constitution only says there is not to be a state supported religion such as was found in Europe. There are no statements that religion needs to be purged from schools, institutions, government, or communities. Why do you seek to keep religion out of public affairs now when it was so important to the people that first came to America?

  2. There are those who believe the secularism is the new religion in the U.S. and this state supported religion endangers our Constitutional rights to worship as we choose. You are a secular politician. Why should any religious person vote for you or your policies?

  3. Why is the IRS and the churches of America bound together? Why does the state feel obligated to tax churches which are basically groups of individuals going about their rights to worship? Shouldn’t any church be given tax free status and not be forced to renounce their beliefs and criticize the government because they don’t want to be taxed?

  4. Why can’t a parent, who pays taxes, send their child at state expense to a religious school?

  5. Churches in this country do lots of good works that the government has taken over. Wouldn’t it be more advisable to give funds to churches to administer to the poor instead of letting the government be responsible?

  6. You supported and voted for ObamaCare which tries to force churches to provide abortion and contraception services as part of their patient’s medical plans. Isn’t this a violation of separation of church and state?

  7. Public schools violate parental rights by requiring their children to take secular courses in sex and alternative lifestyles in order to graduate. Why should the states and federal government decide that religion and morality not be taught but sex and alternative ed should?

  8. It seems that Americans believe that morality is in a decline. Why do you vote for school policies that keep morality out of the schools?

  9. If religion and state are separate, why did you take your oath on a Bible?

  10. We do not have a theocracy in this country. There are persons of all faiths, and no faith, in Congress. How can you keep religion out of the statehouse and the statehouse out of religion?

  11. People of no faith daily attack people of faith. Where are your hate crimes in this area?

  12. Our U.S. government gives billions of foreign aid to Israel each year. You voted to keep this policy. Why is it okay for the state to support religion overseas and not support it in our own country?

  13. The Bible says to tithe 10%. The government says to tithe 50%. Which one is the greediest?

  14. Marxism calls religion the opiate of the people. As a Marxist, do you accept this idea?

  15. Do you believe church on Sunday is the only time and place people should worship and practice religion?

  16. It seems that President Obama and Pope Francis are coordinating an attack on inequality. This seems to be too close to not be orchestrated. Are we seeing religion and state co-operating in an arena that they have no call to be concerned with?

  17. If religion is not a part of state, why is there an official Minister attached to open and close each Congress?

  18. We are told that radical Islam is a threat to America yet we allow Muslins to build mosques all over the U.S. On the other hand, the state prosecutes and persecutes Christians in our own country. Which side is Congress on?