Questions For Tom Udall: States Rights

  1. Our country has fifty states. All of them have different histories, different climates and different people. We are all Americans and speak mostly the same language, share some of the same traditions. You represent New Mexico which is very different from most other states. We are a decentralized country with a federal government that is supposed to do a few things and leave the rest for the states to figure out on their own. Why are you a central planner?

  2. The States across the country are in a state of revolt against federal laws over gun control, abortion, energy, healthcare, immigration, voting, trade, property rights. What makes you think you can pass federal laws out of federal jurisdiction and expect states to roll over and accept them?

  3. Do you believe in the States Rights Movement and the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution?

  4. In your reading of the Constitution, what things is the federal government doing that is not their province?

  5. You represent New Mexico in Congress and have for a number of years. You vote most similar to Senator Schumer from New York or Senator Reid from Nevada. How is New Mexico similar to these states? Are you representing New Mexico or someone else?

  6. The federal government passes “unfunded mandates.” States, who usually have Constitutional requirements to live with balanced budgets often cannot carry out fed law because there is no money. When are you going to stop the practice of unfunded mandates?

  7. New Mexico is a dependency state and takes more federal money than any other state in the country. Why should other states have their taxpayer money redistributed to New Mexico instead of their own states?

  8. States Rights were a part of the American Civil War. We have numerous states that disagree with your ideology. Aren’t you, by your partisanship, pushing us towards another Civil War?

  9. Arizona sued the federal government because the federal government refused to enforce border security. What is your opinion on this lawsuit?

  10. Numerous states have refused to state health exchanges as required by ObamaCare. What is your position on this?

  11. Federal gun laws have met with disdain in a number of states and from local Sheriffs who have the ultimate authority for law enforcement in local communities because they are elected. Why do you insist on pushing legislation that violates the rights of states?

  12. At present you are trying to turn hundreds of thousands of acres of New Mexican land in southern New Mexico into a Federal Wilderness. This means the state loses the land, the resources, and the chance to use the land. The federal government is not supposed to own land and close to fifty percent of state land in NM is owned or managed by the federal government. Who do your work for – out of state environmental groups or New Mexico?

  13. Do you feel local communities do not have the expertise to make most of the decisions that affect their communities?

  14. America, when begun, had thirteen colonies that functioned independently and who were wary of a central government that reminded them of a King. The founders of this country crafted a Constitution that made progress difficult, gridlock good, and accumulation of power in an Executive Branch difficult. You vote against this concept over and over. Why should New Mexico send you back to Congress again when your only function is to spread government money out to those who vote for you?

  15. You have been against legalizing marijuana which was made illegal by fed action. Numerous states, after an expensive and failed drug war, are legalizing pot. U.S. Department of Justice Eric Holder, and President Obama,have said they won’t intrude into the states handling of this issue. When New Mexico legalizes pot what are you going to do? Why is it okay to break some federal laws and not others?

  16. Why is one national educational system better than those adopted in states for their own children?

  17. Why do you want national alternative electricity standards? New Hampshire doesn’t have the sun New Mexico does. Requiring them to generate the same electricity from solar that New Mexico does is definitely wrong.

  18. The states impacted by the Keystone Pipeline want the pipeline. Why does federal policy throw these state’s wishes down the river?

  19. Your long term position on fracking has hurt oil production in New Mexico. Why is it a federal responsibility to address fracking and interfere with private enterprise?

  20. It seems that in your long career in Washington you forget the pulse of New Mexico and vote with your more liberal colleagues from other states who don’t have the same concerns as New Mexico. Wouldn’t that mean you don’t support New Mexico?

  21. New Mexico has been voted well down the list as a good place for business to thrive. Lots of New Mexicans are out of work. What are you doing to bring business to New Mexico? Don’t count government money spent on workshops as helping.

  22. States Rights, as a force in America, is growing. Would you support a concept that outsources education, healthcare, immigration, economy to the states, and give block grants to states that come up with their own plans to solve these issues?

  23. What are you going to do if Texas succeeds from the Union?