Questions For Tom Udall: The Constitution

  1. Do you feel you were elected to follow the Constitution?

  2. Is the Constitution just an old piece of paper or the legitimate law of our land?

  3. What are you looking for in Supreme Court nominees except that they accept your political ideology?

  4. Is the Constitution what the Supreme Court says it is?

  5. Do you support the idea that we have three branches of government and that they should never be too closely aligned for the protection of our Republic?

  6. The Constitution protects us by spreading power and giving people rights. Do you believe one of our rights, as Americans, is to be free from our government?

  7. All Presidents write executive orders. The fearsome thing is that we now see executive orders coming out of the White House that change laws passed by Congress without Congressional approval. Do you agree that this is a fearsome situation for many Americans? We are not subjects. We are a free people.

  8. Do you accept that human nature, over the centuries, has not changed in any substantial way and the Constitution protects us from our worst instincts and tyrannical government or do you believe that man is getting more intelligent, more superior, and the Constitution is not doing all for people that you think government should do?

  9. What do you think about a Supreme Court justice who states that our Constitution is not particularly good?

  10. Did you vote to confirm Sonia Sotomayor because she is a woman, because she is a pick of your President, or because you feel she will interpret the Constitution in a way acceptable to you?

  11. Businesses are groups of people working together towards a common goal. Public unions are groups of people working towards a common goal. Why should public unions get to contribute money towards campaigns and have money taken from their checks to do so without their say? Why shouldn’t business have a chance to represent itself against a government that constantly impacts it?

  12. Do you support a Constitutional Amendment for term limits for Congressmen and Supreme Court Justices?

  13. The Constitution protects individual rights. However, only the rights of minorities, women, environmentalists, pro-abortion groups, public/private unions, lawyers, democrats, seem worth protecting to you. When are you going to protect all our rights?

  14. Why is it right to use the IRS to target political opponents?

  15. You rarely find fault with President Obama who continues Bush policies in most areas. You were savage in your criticism of President Bush. Part of the job of Congress is to protect us from an overzealous Executive Branch. Why aren’t you fair in your criticisms of Presidents of any party who usurp our freedoms?

  16. How did your vote for NDAA 2014 protect our individual rights to have protections against government spying, search and seizure, privacy, civil rights, due process?

  17. Do you feel the Constitution should determine what legislation is passed by Congress or Congress should do what interest groups want and worry about the legality later?

  18. It appears that our government has become a very blunt tool used by both political parties to bludgeon American citizens who disagree with its laws. When is government going to draw back, reflect, try to do a few things well and leave the rest to citizens to figure out themselves?

  19. Is it Constitutional or ethical to let staffers, lobbyists and corporations write laws instead of Congressmen? Why do we have to pass a law before we know what is in it?

  20. Have you read all the bills you have voted on?

  21. Have you ever voted to get rid of a law that is no longer useful?

  22. Why is filibuster reform good when it deprives opponents the right to represent those who voted for them?

  23. New Mexico is a small rural state with a small economy. However, your vote in the Senate counts as much as a Senator from California or New York. You vote with New York and California Senators a majority of the time. How is New Mexico like New York or California?

  24. The Constitution is what it is. What do you think of the idea of “originalism” whereby the Constitution is interpreted consistent with the ideas of the founders in the place and time they wrote it?