Questions For Tom Udall: The Economy

  1. Our economy is based entirely on money creation out of thin air with ever increasing government debt needed to support the system. You totally support this Ponzi scheme. At what point will the huge mountains of government IOUs come crashing down?

  2. You vote for big expensive government and are called a “big spender” by all those independent taxpayer groups that are concerned with things like the National Debt and National Deficits. You claim to be fiscally conservative? How is that possible?

  3. You persecute and malign the Tea Party which is a group that does believe in fiscal responsibility. Why is that?

  4. A lack of jobs in the U.S. has created a need for long term unemployment benefits, 50 million on food stamps, rampant abuse in Social Security Disability claims, massive Medicaid enrollment and huge increases in Aid to Families with Dependent Children. When did the government safety net become a government security blanket?

  5. We have had unemployment much higher than usual for the last five years. This unemployment is likely much higher than government reports and President Obama has asked big business for help in solving a long term unemployment problem. Much of this unemployment is a result of government policies during your terms of office that send manufacturing overseas, presided over huge outsourcing, and saw technology replace a lot of jobs people used to do. You still vote as if money from the federal government will solve these structural problems. Why do you believe this when it isn’t happening?

  6. Every day we see news reports of the economy turning around, yet a reality that is not so rosy. Who is telling us the truth?

  7. You are part of a political class that has created a huge dependency state that doesn’t work, is un-educated and unemployable, and consumes billions of dollars a year in government services. This dependency class spends their days filing for benefits, filing paperwork to stay on aid, waiting to see doctors in emergency rooms and clinics, and not working because they would lose their benefits. Is this a good situation to create?

  8. The rich don’t make enough money every year to fund more than a fraction of the federal government’s expenses. Do you expect us to believe you when you say the rich should pay their fair share, which you decide, when they already pay a large share?

  9. Fifty percent of taxpayers don’t pay federal income tax. Where is the fairness in this?

  10. We have become a part time economy where businesses hire help for the hours they are needed, pay minimum wages with no benefits, and still struggle to survive. Private enterprise, unlike the government, cannot pay people when there is nothing to do. You vote to expand government employment. How can a shrinking work force doing part time labor pay for your government that has good pensions, good pay, and big public unions to protect gravy jobs?

  11. You gave President Clinton a fast track to implement NAFTA. This one trade bill has done much to hurt the U.S. economy. Why should a blue collar working man support you when you backed a bill that send factories abroad, lets illegal immigration bring competing workers into our country, and supports a downsizing that keeps men and women from working full time and supporting their families?

  12. You always crow about bringing money back to New Mexico. However, New Mexico is rated in the lower third of the states for having a business friendly attitude and infrastructure. We don’t care about your pork and earmarks for New Mexico. We want to know what companies you have induced to relocate to New Mexico and how many people those companies have hired.

  13. You firmly believe in the progressive income tax. In our countries beginning we had no income tax. Now, as slaves to the state, we have to work almost half the year for the man – those who still work. The progressive tax is in the platform of the Communist Party. When did you become a Communist?

  14. Why do you vote against the marriage penalty that makes married people pay more tax together than if they were single?

  15. Why do you support taxing commerce on the internet?

  16. Why do you fight for benefits for unmarried women who have multiple kids by multiple fathers?

  17. It is clear we will never be able to pay down national debt and the interest payments will consume more and more of taxpayer revenues. What do you say to young people who will face this fact that their standard of living, security, and lifestyle will be diminished by your profligacy?

  18. The federal government has decided that the War of Drugs is no longer feasible after spending billions of dollars. When will the feds also decide that the War on Poverty is likewise unfeasible after spending trillions?

  19. What happens when government employees begin retiring soon and in a shrinking economy with reduced tax revenues we have to pay lavish pensions to all those government retirees and provide them with life-saving medical services that will keep them alive for decades?

  20. Social Security was raided by the federal government who took money from the fund and spent it as a general revenue. Now, the young pay for the old. Why haven’t you addressed this mathematically inevitable time bomb? Why do you play politics and blame Republicans for being mean and spiteful when they try to deal with implications of a government program gone cancerous?

  21. Why does the federal government provide medical services to people older than 65 after those people paid insurance to private companies during their healthy years?

  22. Why do people on Medicaid get more services, less deductibles and 100% coverage when people who pay for Medicaid get less?

  23. Can you give me an instance of government doing something less expensive than private enterprise?

  24. UPS and Fed Ex have taken over the more lucrative pieces of mail service in the U.S. and seem to be making money. When are you going to downsize government and start to outsource government jobs in the U.S.?

  25. The stock market is not a good barometer of economic health despite what you say in your notes to the public. The rising stock market tells us that the rich are indeed getting richer and government policies are helping them do it easy and quick. It appears the federal government and Federal Reserve view the rising stock market as a way to raise revenue since jobs are nowhere to be found. Why is the stock market rising to new highs in a time of increased unemployment, a shift to part time workers, dwindling savings accounts and increased debt on all levels?

  26. You are rated low by organizations lobbying for small business in the U.S. You do not vote for their issues or address their concerns. Yet, you say you are for small business. Who are we to believe?

  27. You refuse to support tort reform and vote for legislation that creates huge opportunities for lawyers to make money – immigration reform, environmental control, healthcare etc. Aren’t you in the pocket of lawyers?

  28. Every organization, down to the smallest club, has a budget. You have not fought for a budget for our country. How can we believe you are fiscally responsible?

  29. Would you vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution?

  30. The federal government follows base line budgeting which means that each year the government spends 6 to 10% more than they did the previous year. This means that the cost of government will never go down. Why do you support this approach to government finance?

  31. You don’t pay your interns. You have two million dollars to spend on your staff. Apparently your concerns about the working man doesn’t apply to your staff?

  32. What is your position on the secretive TPP treaty now being negotiated by President Obama who is not constitutionally authorized to do this?

  33. Your whole career has been expanding government, creating programs for the poor, taxing rich and middle class, backing money policies that create bubbles and help bankers and Wall Street; then running for election saying you are for the little guy. Are you serious?

  34. When are you going to bring us a flat tax which is the fairest method of taxation?

  35. There is a huge and growing underground economy created to escape the federal government’s extortion racket. Do you have plans to deal with eligibility requirements for fed programs that qualify everyone who applies?

  36. Is income disparity any more of a problem than it has ever been? Isn’t the real problem a government created system that sponsors crony capitalism that eliminates competition, favors big predatory fish, and rewards politicians who play ball?

  37. What incentive is there for people to save money these days?

  38. Do you believe markets are rational and will regulate themselves?

  39. Corruption is wide spread in government. Why has no one been indicted yet in the malfeasance that gave us the 2008 economic meltdown?

  40. Instead of federal micromanagement of the economy wouldn’t it be better to turn responsibilities back to the states and let them solve their own problems?