Questions For Tom Udall: The Military

  1. You voted against the Gulf War. However, you couldn’t vote against any of the following wars because Congress didn’t vote on them. Why didn’t you ask for Congressional approval before President Obama bombed Libya, threatened to bomb Iran? Why have you allowed Presidents to pursue military options against foreign countries who do not threaten us?

  2. You talk against war yet you pat yourself on the back for bringing money to New Mexico to support weapons research facilities and bases. Isn’t this a bit hypocritical on your part?

  3. Have you ever voted against a military appropriations when a substantial amount of our national budget goes to the military?

  4. Exactly when do you feel the use of our military is justified?

  5. You have not called for a Senate investigation of Bengazi. There are many of your constituents who want to know why an American Ambassador was left unprotected and left on questionable assignments in the Middle East? They want to know why available security was told to stand down. Apparently, you don’t think it is important or dismiss it as political witch hunt. What is your feelings about what happened in Bengazi?

  6. President Obama has fired a large number of military generals or forced them to retire. What is behind this unusual event?

  7. You say you are for vets yet recently voted for a budget bill which cut some of their benefits. Vets benefits make up a small percentage of the military budget. Why did you vote for this as a way to save money instead of cutting food stamps?

  8. Vets coming home face stiff unemployment, mental and physical trauma from battle, inadequate treatment at the V.A., and a higher rate of suicide. They represent a long term problem for our country. When are you going to vote to close foreign military bases, U.S. bases, and bring troops home from the Middle East?

  9. The C.I.A. has been clandestinely involved in the affairs of other countries abroad. Our own government agencies have been involved in gun running in Mexico and spying on foreign leaders. Your vote for the NDAA of 2014 allows this to continue. Who is watching the C.I.A.?

  10. What is your vision of the military in the future?

  11. Why do we have upwards of 700 military bases overseas? Why are we protecting the world and charging nothing for it?

  12. We have military pacts with many countries in the world. What are you going to do when China seizes territory from Japan and Japan declares war on China?

  13. Why is it so important to stop nuclear weapons in Iran when North Korea and Pakistan have them?

  14. Why didn’t you serve in the military?

  15. Why do you support a volunteer army? Is it because they are mercenaries who fight for corporate and government reasons and therefore expendable?

  16. Cyberwar is already occurring. What are you doing to prepare for this war?

  17. Why do we still have troops in Afghanistan?

  18. It is suspected that the Obama Administration were supporting Al Qaida fighting Syria. Why is the U.S. government helping this group that we fought in Iraq?

  19. The four trillion dollar bill we got for fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan could have easily paid for ten hospitals in each U.S. state that provides indigent care for those who qualify. Wouldn’t that have been a much better use of money than getting over three thousand kids killed?

  20. What percent of the national budget, if we ever had one, should go to the military?

  21. You firmly support the U.N. and quickly vote to send U.S. soldiers to patrol the world. Isn’t this a violation of their purpose?

  22. If these wars are fought to protect oil overseas why didn’t we just develop our own energy and stay out of them?

  23. Would you vote to eliminate military facilities in New Mexico if they were no longer needed?

  24. How does releasing prisoners in Cuba help our war effort?

  25. Saudi citizens took down the Twin Towers. Where is the retribution against Saudi Arabia?

  26. Should U.S. corporations pay for the protection our military gives them to pursue profits by being overseas?

  27. Many women are raped or sexually assaulted in the military. You vote and support using the military as a social laboratory. You support integrating the military with women, gays. Is this a wise policy? Doesn’t this harm the fighting ability of the military?

  28. Will you authorize the U.S. military to patrol American streets if we have an economic crisis and martial law is declared?

  29. Do you foresee a time when our military draws down on U.S. citizens in the U.S.?