Questions For Tom Udall: Washington, DC

  1. You have lived in Washington since you were a child. Your family has been in power positions for a hundred years. Do you expect us to believe you are a Washington outsider?

  2. Having a desire to serve the country is a worthy one. Do you feel it is worthy to stay in politics and public service for an entire adult life and keep equally or more talented people from also having a chance to serve the country?

  3. Don’t you think it is a little disingenuous for you to suggest that your ideology is the only right way to think about our Republic and others who have a different view are “obstructionists” and “partisans”?

  4. You have been in Washington D.C. twenty years. I believe you have a little black book of lobbyists, political donors, CEOs, foreign diplomats, PACs, and people who can do you favors and give you money if you call. While your claims to be a dedicated servant of the people are sweet, they are obviously overstated.

  5. Your vote is like money in the bank. Your political ideology is very rigid, very predictable and very regimented. You vote with your party, and the more radical wing of your party, over 95% of the time on all issues. Why do you run campaigns acting like you are a moderate?

  6. When you throw parties at your house, how many lobbyists from your interest groups are in attendance?

  7. Are you a member of the Council of Foreign Relations?

  8. You always speak of reforming Washington yet you are in the heart of one of the biggest scandals in Washington. You wrote a letter urging the IRS to cause problems for Tea Party groups in the country, among them, the Albuquerque Tea Party. Perhaps you should reform Washington by first apologizing to the Tea Party and remembering that when government crushes our First Amendment rights we have a serious problem.

  9. You voted for ObamaCare, a bill that has always had no public support. You have shoved this Washington D.C. idea down the throats of the American public and then continued to say people love it. Look at the polls. No one wants it and states across the country are actively working to not make it happen. It looks like Washington D.C., and you, are on a different page than the state you are supposed to represent.

  10. Why do your town halls only include people who agree with your positions on issues?

  11. How much non-official time do you actually spend in New Mexico?

  12. You are a transplant to New Mexico who ran for office in the 3rd New Mexico district because it was an easy way to get to Congress. You grew up in Washington D.C., went to school in Arizona, and did go to UNM Law School. To claim you have deep roots in New Mexico may be a nice thing to say, but is, on the basis of your bio not totally accurate.

  13. Do you think the founders of the country would be upset at the family dynasties that have developed over the years in this country?

  14. Your wife does consulting in Washington D.C. and is on as number of boards for which she is paid. Isn’t this just another case of nepotism?

  15. Do you subscribe to and read the Albuquerque Journal?

  16. Are you planning to become a lobbyist when you finally retire or are not re-elected?

  17. When you make public statements you always parrot what Harry Reid and the party elites have scripted. When are you going to think for yourself and explain your positions apart from your coaches in the party hierarchy?

  18. We are used to politicians saying one thing and doing another. Your record is rift with differences between what you say and what you do. A cursory exam reveals that you definitely don’t represent the 40-50% of the voters who don’t vote for you, and you don’t even represent the 50-60% of voters who do vote for you. Why should you be allowed to stay in office?

  19. Why do you want to give Washington D.C. a seat in Congress and elevate them to a position of power equal to that of states? Washington D.C. was created to not be a state and have no power at all by the founders of this country. Do you believe Washington D.C. is some kind of Court where King Arthur and his loyal Congressmen gather around a round table to make laws for the poor serfs tilling the fields?

  20. When you are no longer in office are you going to come back to New Mexico or stay in your beloved Washington D.C.?