Questions For Tom Udall: World Affairs

  1. The U.S. has well over 500 military bases spread all over the world. Don’t you agree that we have become the world’s cop, that we have a military reach far too great. We have far too many military bases in New Mexico. When are you going to vote to eliminate some of these military outposts all over the planet?

  2. We belong to the United Nations and have one vote just like any other country. We also pay lots of money to keep the U.N. going. The U.N. does not vote in the best interests of the U.S. You support the U.N. and support their attempts to control the sovereignty of the U.S. and our rights are citizens (i.e. recent small arms treaty – numerous global warming treaties). Do you accept that the U.S. Constitution forbids you from negotiating away our constitutionally protected rights?

  3. We have seen the U.S. involved in numerous police actions in the world that resulted in bombing other countries and using American troops as peacekeepers. Should U.S. military be used in this capacity or just used to protect the U.S. in declared war?

  4. During the 2008 economic crisis, our Federal Reserve did substantial business with the banks of Europe. There were huge sums of money crossing the Atlantic. Why don’t you want the Federal Reserve to be audited so we can see where the money went that the American taxpayers have been forced to underwrite?

  5. Much of the world depends on U.S. agriculture to survive. You voted for ethanol on many occasions. This helped the farmers, helped drive up the prices of grain such that Mideast countries were weakened, and didn’t really impact energy savings in the U.S. Is saving a little energy so important that destabilizing certain parts of the world is justifiable?

  6. You vote for policies that have increased our dependence on foreign oil by not developing our own energy. We send trillions to countries that are not our allies. How do you justify your support for Mideast totalitarian countries that send terrorists to bomb our buildings?

  7. You attended school overseas in England. Are you, or have you ever been, a member of the Council of Foreign Relations? Have you attended Bilderberg conferences?

  8. China buys our coal. Germany buys our coal. If it is good enough for them, why is it not good enough for us?

  9. Green energy is losing ground in Europe but you are still pushing for it in the United States. Why is this?

  10. Can you describe, in a few words, what President Obama’s foreign policy is?

  11. You seem to want to enmesh the U.S., in a host of trade treaties, military pacts and climate and environment agreements. All of these create huge rules, regulations, litigation and costs. Do you represent the citizens of New Mexico or the citizens of the world?

  12. The U.S. dollar is the world standard of currency. Our government has debased the dollar and made our currency less desirable to foreign borrowers, thus QE3 where we print our own money and borrow it from ourselves. What are you going to do when foreign countries decide to drop the dollar and create their own currency back ed by gold or oil which would make our currency worthless and ruin millions of Americans?

  13. You voted to fast track NAFTA, a trade treaty that started the economic slide. Are you going to vote to fast track the Trans-Pacific treaty being secretly negotiated by President Obama, which is not his authority to do?

  14. There is always the risk of pandemics and disease spread across porous borders. You insist on porous borders, unlimited immigration to the U.S. both legal and illegal. Are Americans protected from flu, viral and bacterial agents, and even weapons developed by our military for wars?

  15. The space program was a bright spot in our history. Why do we not have a space program. Is our money better spent on food stamps?

  16. What is your view of America’s role in the world?

  17. Why do so many foreign countries and foreign peoples have such a negative view of America?

  18. We are well down the polls in the world in terms of educating our young, life expectancy, healthcare, crime and drugs, and even freedoms. You have been voting for two decades for laws that were supposed to solve these slippings. What happened?

  19. We see a number of Congressmen taking trips to foreign countries on fact finding missions and then doing photo ops for their re-election. Isn’t foreign policy a Constitutional venue of the President?

  20. The world is a dangerous place. There are many that point to the decline of the U.S. as a world player. Do you feel it is time to focus on our internal problems instead of world affairs?