Rats Leaving the Justice Department’s Sinking Ship

 Posted:  October 18, 2014

We heard in the last few months that Eric Holder is going to resign, a resignation that came after a court ruled he cannot hide behind Executive privilege and must release “Fast and Furious” documents.

Earlier, the number three man in the department (Tony West) resigned to become a general counsel for Pepsi Company which reminds us that crony capitalism is alive and well.

Now, the number two man at the Justice Department, James Cole, is going to resign and take a job in the private sector.

That means we will have an entire new Justice department soon, but we don’t know whether they will have any more justice.

James Cole was behind the scenes in the department and supported the NSA bulk collection of Americans’ phone records.

As he says in this linked article the hard thing is to protect Americans and protect their constitutional and civil liberties at the same time. Doing both of these is very tough.

We think they have been taking the easy route and about to be called on the carpet.

As the ship goes down we see the head rats leaving.

Watching the re-confimation and reassigning of personnel to replace them will be instructive.

These three have done so much damage we are chagrined that now the same Administration that gave us the Three Stooges will be giving us three more.

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