Read This Tom Udall: We Have No Global Warming/Climate Change the Last Two Decades

 Posted:  July 11, 2014

This article, linked below, discusses the lack of global warming and climate change for the last seventeen years. It seems that despite the fact that the world has continued to pump CO2 into the atmosphere, the data shows that the world is not getting hotter and may even be headed towards a global cooling. The article discusses recent statements by pro climate change groups that suggest that perhaps they were premature.

At the end of the article, it is stated that climate change is not man induced and addressing it will cause much more havoc than leaving things as they are.

Maybe Tom Udall will quit his chase after windmills and start to address real issues in New Mexico’s economy.

Maybe he will stop his crusade for government control of everything and everyone.

Maybe voters will put this concern down on their list and study all the bad decisions Tom Udall has made that have contributed to the sorry economic state the U.S. now finds itself.

Full article here >>>.

Second article here >>>.

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