Red Racing Horses Handicaps New Mexico Senatorial Race Between Allen Weh and Tom Udall

 Posted:  June 22, 2014

All over the country there are polls, discussion, charges and counter-charges, voter apathy, mis-information and dis-information. Politicians are claiming they can walk on water while they are backfilling their own messes. It is a sight to behold.

Red Racing Horses does a good job of handicapping the New Mexico Senate Race 2014.

New Mexico is, as has been discussed before, a light blue state with a Republican Governor. The state has people who are traditionally conservative and has had Republican representation in Congress before. There are plenty of reasons for voters to get out and cast their vote.

New Mexico is already being called a Safe Democrat seat.

The only thing about a seat being safe is that the voters of New Mexico are the ones to make that call. It is sad that outsiders are already calling the race over before it is run. New Mexico has Allen Weh and Tom Udall running for a position in the United States Senate. It is a very important race on a lot of levels. Tom Udall has not received the scrutiny he should in past elections. This Website wants all to know who Tom Udall is and how his votes have impacted the state and the country.

Voters need to do their due diligence. There are two men running for the office. Each has a history and, in Tom Udall’s case, a voting history. This Website is in the business of profiling Tom Udall. Tom Udall has millions of dollars and has spent lots of advertising and public relations money to burnish his image. We believe that money is not going to buy our vote Tom Udall.

Voters of New Mexico will go to the polls and those who go vote will have the last say.

Calling the race over before it starts only helps the big money interests back East that contribute a lot of money to see Tom Udall back in his easy chair casting votes for bills they write and like.

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