“Redskins” is a Bad Word, “Totalitarian” is a Good Word

 Posted:  May 24, 2014

Tom Udall is good at signing letters. His biggest letter was to the IRS asking for greater scrutiny of his political opponents. This letter, signed by himself and fifty of his Democratic Senate co-workers ,is equally as bad.

It might only be us at DoesTomUdallRepresentYou.com, but this seems rather sad. With all the pressing problems of a stagnating economy, college graduates who will find no work, business closing across the country, marijuana shops becoming the new revenue stream for cash strapped communities, Tom Udall is out to fight bigotry.

Racism and bigotry are nothing new, of course. They have been around as long as man. That doesn’t make them right or even useful. However, trying to force a private business to change its name is even more offensive than racism.

If Tom Udall wants to help why doesn’t he vote for school choice that will enable minorities to improve education for their kids? Why doesn’t he vote for fiscal restraint that curbs inflation that hurts poor communities? Why does he vote for generating electric from green energy that raises the cost of electric to poor families? Why does he vote to stop drilling thus raising the cost of gasoline for automobiles? Why does he vote for big banks that take over small banks that make loans to small business concerns across the U.S.? Why does Tom vote for all the things he does that hurt small people and small business.

When fifty U.S. Senators bring their collective weight on a private U.S. citizen to force him to change the name of his franchise, we are in trouble.

Not having much to run on, it seems Tom Udall is going to play the race card. If fans don’t like the name of the Redskins they don’t have to go to the games. If people are bothered by the name they have a right and responsibility to turn off their television.

It seems very sad that Tom Udall is so concerned with the name of a football team, is so looking for another chance to use the bully pulpit of his office to enforce political correctness. It is also worth mentioning that most of the Redskin players are black. Is he going to demand a quota system next that requires pro team to have at least 10% whites on the team?

Come on Tom. Let’s take care of things you need to be focused on like improving our economy so all of us can feel like we have a future.

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