Refresh Your Political Awareness of U.S. Politics

 Posted:  July 14, 2014

Another feature of is a section on U.S. Politics that can be accessed on the top menu bar by hoovering over or clicking on the heading “U.S. Politics”. As elsewhere on the site, a drop down menu appears with the following categories:

  1. America’s Challenges: Articles and Videos profiling long simmering issues in the U.S. that have not even begun to be addressed by politicians and many mainstream media but are reported on in many alternative media sources and publications.

  2. Political Parties: This has articles about political parties in the U.S., their differences and similarities. As we see in the last several decades, the push of both major political parties has been to keep other parties out of the system, spend and borrow more and more money, continue to get the U.S. involved in foreign wars, and watch the loss of individual freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. Both parties continue to vote for big business, Wall Street, loose money, big banks, crony capitalism, the police and surveillance state and big government control over local control.

  3. Political Systems: The different kinds of political systems people create to organize their societies are covered in articles and videos. The movement in the U,.S, is away from a true capitalist country where small business has opportunity and competition keeps prices down. The movement is towards a socialism that tries to redistribute wealth and power and a fascism where the state is all powerful and enforces their rules by the use of a police state, the military, czars, the IRS and the EPA, and government agencies making their own interpretative rules about what the law says.

  4. Polls on Government: These polls give indications of what people are thinking about their government, their representatives and various issues of the day. Politicians and government are in low esteem these days. Politicians always talk about what the American people want but rarely bother to ask them or take their responses into account.

  5. Voters: This section has articles and videos that cover the kinds of voters we see these days – educated, low info, single issue.

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