Reports From the Southern New Mexico Border by MS Cowboy

 Posted:  September 6, 2014

We follow MS Cowboy and feature his posts. He is a long time New Mexico native, follows the border issues like a hound dog after a rat, and has great instincts.

These two postings of his tell Northern New Mexicans what is happening down South. We do have people that live in Las Cruces, by the way. Albuquerque is not the only city in the state and Santa Fe is not the only place where opinions are different.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, Fort Bliss Military Base in Texas, El Paso, is on a high state of alert due to the ISIS threat. For those who haven’t been following Tom Udall’s pathetic performance on immigration issues, perhaps you should ask him why he continues to favor open borders, creating vast open spaces where terrorists can enter New Mexico (Organ Mountains Land Grab), and what he going to say when Ebola breaks out in Las Cruces?

We are guessing he will say what he always says – “I am on top of this situation. My opponents caused it. We have it under control. The Federal government is protecting the security of the border …”

Somehow, these words will be hollow, just like the man who speaks them.

Full article here >>>.

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