Rumble by the Rio

 Posted:  October 22, 2014

Last night in Las Cruces, New Mexico we had a great event for those who care about ideas, about politics, about the future of sleepy old New Mexico. I wish we could have been there.

We have an old fashioned debate like the days of Douglas and Lincoln by two opposites on the political spectrum.

We have heard that the underdog would definitely by Paul Gessing because New Mexico has too many blue donkeys running around.

The beauty is that Paul Gessing is not a Republican for those of you who didn’t notice. He champions causes that the Republicans say they are for and then vote against. His ideas, backed by facts, should persuade you that New Mexico does need to move into this century.

Alan Webber is just a progressive. Talking people out of their money so he can grow government is what he does.

Make up your own mind.

At least we have some kind of spirit here going on.

The people who are really able to change the direction we are going, Tom Udall and Allen Weh, are still playing nice, until they decide to play dirty.

Hopefully, this forum was a hoot!

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