Ryan Murray Budget Deal is No Budget at All: Thanks Tom Udall

 Posted:  June 2, 2014

Tom Udall makes quite a deal out of his vote for the Ryan Murray budget Deal. After a thousand (1,000) days in the Senate, with no budget and a slew of budget deadlines that created tension in the country and helped Democrats who played the “mean Republican card”, the Senate got together and created a faux bill.

The Ryan Murray is giving the illusion of compromise but it is all illusion.

“A budget compromise would mean Democrats agreeing to reform entitlements while Republicans would be willing to stick to defense cuts. Instead, the deal is more of the same – more spending now in exchange for spending cuts later.”

“This deal and the rhetoric about how brutal the sequester talks have been are also a bad sign about the willingness of lawmakers to tackle the problem of entitlement spending. Sadly, it is hard to imagine that those who found sequester cuts “devastating” will have the willpower required to reform Medicare, Social Security and ObamaCare.”

Tom Udall needed to sign a bill suggesting he was all for fiscal responsibility. This fit the need and gave him political cover. He also whined and cried about how government employees would be hurt by a sequester and he even offered to get them retroactive pay although private enterprise workers have lost their jobs severely in the past five years.

Tom Udall is no budget cutter, no fiscal wizard. As a big big spender, he always likes to say he is paying attention to the money but more often than not it is only illusion and votes that he cares about.

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