Same Old Tom Udall, Just a Different Year

 Posted:  August 28, 2014

For those of you who want a class in politics and political campaigning, the linked article below is priceless.

This short but information packed summary discusses a former campaign in New Mexico’s 3rd district. Tom Udall ran and won. That is sad, but not too surprising, as the article points out.

What is interesting is that Tom Udall continues to run the same campaign year in year out. He gets his money from the same people, talks about the same tired issues, and uses the same identity politics that he is accustomed too.

If you follow his current campaign against Allen Weh, he is just repeating himself, over and over. He just goes through the motions.

Tom Udall is just like a toy windup doll. You wind him up and he tells you a few catchy phrases, sings a song, does a little vaudeville dance, makes you feel like he is part of your family.

We don’t listen to him anymore because we know how dangerous to freedom and liberty he is.

We would buy a Tom Udall windup doll, if we could find one, because the doll is kind of cute and doesn’t have to make votes that give us indigestion and keep us up nights worried about the Republic.

Full article here >>>.

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