Say Hi to the Yellow Billed Cuckoo!

 Posted:  August 16, 2014

We have a new need in New Mexico and nine western states.

The Yellow Billed Cuckoo needs protection and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is pressing to protect its habitat.

In New Mexico that means 280 miles of river along the Rio Grande and the Gila. The bird lives in the willows and cottonwoods along the rivers and mates there and raises its young. It migrates to South America in the winter.

According to the fish and wildlife service the designation for the cuckoo means that conservation efforts will be instituted.

We are not sure what affect this will have on the people communities who also live along the Rio Grande.

While we think the Yellow Billed Cuckoo is a fine looking bird, and cute, we wonder what this designation holds for New Mexicans and others who live on and around the 1/2 MILLION ACRES that will be affected?

Maybe we can just create a Yellow Billed Cuckoo Reserve in the Bosque in Albuquerque and sell tickets to tourists, similar to what is going to happen to the 1/4 MILLION ACRES of Southern New Mexico that has just been taken by Washington D.C?

There is a lot of protection that needs to be going on in New Mexico for the homeless, the jobless, and those living in poverty.

When is the Fish and Wildlife going to create a program for preserving the human habitat?

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