Second Amendment Rights

 Posted:  August 17, 2014

gun_show_1There is a gun show happening this weekend at the New Mexico State Fairgrounds. On the sidewalks in front of the fairgrounds, at the San Pedro Gate, a small group of citizens exercised their Constitutional right to assemble on Saturday.

They held signs, American Flags, and reminded us all that, whether we like it or not, the U.S. Constitution gives citizens the right to own guns, buy ammunition, and protect themselves and their families from threats – be those threats from invaders, neighbors, or our own government.

What is surprising is that there were not more of us there to agree that we have the right to own firearms. We are not crazy. We are not a threat to the country or the community. We work our jobs, raise our families, and abide by the laws, even though they are more often than not unconstitutional.

What is surprising is that there were not more of the New Mexican Overpass Group out this Saturday morning, and not more of us to support them.

There is a full frontal attack on the right to bear arms by Tom Udall and other gun control folks who won’t accept that wherever gun control has been tried, crime hasn’t gone down. They refuse to look at the fact that criminals get guns because they don’t care about laws and attempts to control guns by controlling you and your neighbors just doesn’t make sense. Over the world, the first thing totalitarian governments do to maintain their control, is take away the firearms.

Tom Udall is an anti-Second Amendment guy and, increasingly, an anti-First Amendment guy too.

It is hard to say what knocked him over the edge so he doesn’t care about the Bill of Rights, but we suspect he has been in Washington D.C. much too long. In the West, having a gun and knowing how to use it is part of our tradition and culture.

Go to the Gun Show on Sunday and thank the good folks who are out reminding you of your rights in case you have forgotten them. You don’t have to have a gun if you don’t want to, but don’t take away someone else’s right to have them, if they so choose.

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