Second Thoughts on Free Trade

 Posted:  September 23, 2014

America has been on a free trade tear. In fact, since NAFTA, there have been other global pacts and one of the largest is now being negotiated by the Obama Administration – the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership. Tom Udall has had a mixed position on trade, not voting on some trade packages but also enabling others like NAFTA to be passed by granting the Executive Branch “Fast Track Authority” to negotiate huge packages. Tom Udall refused to let the U.S. back out of the World Trade Organization and has been quiet on lots of these treaties that help multinational corporations and directly affect your job in America.

The linked article below describes a discussion between two men who are adversaries but both agree that the U.S. worker faces serious troubles in the future, all because of negotiated trade deals that let multinational companies move overseas and replace you with equally skilled but cheaper labor outside the U.S.

They contend that:

“The U.S. is entering a new economic era when American workers face direct global competition at almost every job level … any worker that does not require daily face to face interaction is in jeopardy of being replaced by a foreign worker.”

There is NO economic recovery when participation in the labor force collapses. We are seeing that in the United States now.

Regardless of this election’s outcome, you need to make sure your representative VOTES against these free trade deals that take your job and kick you out of your own house.

Next time you talk to Tom Udall ask him why he gives so many work visas to foreign students who graduate from U.S. colleges and then compete for American jobs with your sons and daughters?

Full article here >>>.

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