Senate Debate Scheduled For October 30th, 2014 Between Allen Weh/Tom Udall

 Posted:  October 30, 2014

This is an important race and this will be the only debate between these two candidates. Tom Udall stonewalled and ignored requests for three debates but consented to one debate at a very late date in the election. This will be an opportunity for undecided voters to see the two men.

These debates are not much of a debate, are mostly opportunities for the candidates to make their talking points and get exposure to the public. It is sad that in New Mexico the venues for seeing or hearing these two men are limited.

Thursday, October 30th, at 7 P.M., interested New Mexicans can either watch or hear the debate live. It will be shown or heard on the following TV outlets:

  • Albuquerque – KNME TV – Channel 5
  • Portales – KENW TV – Channel 3
  • Las Cruces – KRWG TV – Channel 22

And the following public radio stations:

  • KANW – 89.1 FM
  • KUNM – 89.9 FM

The linked article below states that the debate will be moderated buy Sam Donaldson, retired National TV newsman and New Mexico resident.

Full article here >>>.

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